What happened to the HP Network Simulator?


Several years ago, an Israeli company called Shunra Software, offered a network simulator product. The product’s purpose: to help IT staff verify the performance of apps and devices, prior to deployment in production networks. The original developers had IT backgrounds, so they understood the issues facing IT users, as well as the product requirements for ease of use and operational simplicity.


Shunra Software was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in 2014. HPE acquisition information.

Renamed the HP Network Simulator, and repositioned as a “network virtualization solution”, the product was relegated to the “software division”. However, HPE’s focus was not software but consulting services for large enterprises.

In 2016, HPE sold the “software division”, including the HP Network Simulator, to MicroFocus. MicroFocus acquisition information.

MicroFocus is a UK based company, best known for COBOL. In recent years, the Company has specialized in “enterprise-grade scalable software with analytics built-in” as a “pure play software company”.

Future of HP Network Simulator

So where does that leave HP Network Simulator? Is there a network virtualization leader at MicroFocus with the technical expertise and vision to move the product forward?

We cannot answer that question for MicroFocus, but there’s definitely a network virtualization leader here at IWL!

If you are interested in a network emulator, network simulator, or network virtualization solution that is easy to use, incorporating the latest technology and push-button operational simplicity, then IWL invites you to consider our KMAX Network Emulator. We would be happy to give you a demo of its awesome capabilities and answer any questions.

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