SNMP Agent Simulator

Testing the SNMP Agent

IWL provides the SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite, Libraries and APIs for engineers to find and fix bugs in their SNMP agent implementations.

Testing the SNMP Management Application

Often developers and quality assurance engineers will need to test the SNMP management application to be used with a new SNMP agent.   Verifying SNMP-based network management applications requires an SNMP agent simulator.

Simulate a network management environment of unlimited scale with an SNMP agent simulator at just a fraction of the cost of traditional laboratories.

Gambit Communications, an IWL partner, offers the MIMIC Agent Simulator for simulating SNMP agents, IPMI, cable modems, IOS, etc.

Testing the SNMP Agent and the SNMP Manager

IWL uses the MIMIC Agent Simulator from Gambit Communications for its own testing purposes. Both companies do extensive testing to ensure that their products work together to provide the strongest integrated SNMP simulation and testing solutions commercially available today.

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