Mini Maxwell — Driving Mini Maxwell From A Script

Posted by Lisa Patel /

We have published a small Python program that may be used to drive a Mini Maxwell directly without the need for a user to operate the Mini Maxwell web pages.

This program is an alternative to the spreadsheet based facility that has been available to script Mini Maxwell.

The spreadsheet is constrained to a repeating sequence of a baseline plus up to twelve program steps.

This new program may be modified by the user to do any number of steps and be used inside a more sophisticated test sequencing harness provided by the user. The program exists as a shell command – so it fits nicely within any typical test language framework written using TCL, Perl, Python, etc.

It is expected that the user will make copies of this program and use those copies as templates for special-purposed versions such that each version imposes one set of impairment values into the Mini Maxwell.

(In addition, the user is expected to modify the program to inform the program whether the Mini Maxwell is Revision 12 or later.)

This program requires Python version 2.6 or later.

How to obtain: This program is available via the IWL support website. It may be found under the “Support” | “Customer Downloads” menu among the items available for “Mini Maxwell”.

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