IWL Announces New Patent Licensing Program

License IWL's stateful network impairment technology at a very reasonable price

IWL today announced a new patent licensing program for manufacturers and end users who use the technology of the Maxwell Patent.

IWL is the owner of US patent number 7,310,316 ("the Maxwell Patent", PDF, text). The Maxwell Patent is directed to a test device placed between two or more nodes, in which the nodes communicate in conversations according to a predetermined protocol such as TCP/IP. The test device may be configured and operated to introduce jitter, drop packets, create new packets, reroute packets, and reorder packets in the communications. Particular conversations are detected and tracked by respective virtual state machines within the test device. This technology is implemented in IWL’s Maxwell® family of network emulator products.

With the rapid migration of applications to the cloud, and the risk of failure, it is important to determine each application’s usability curve. Working through adverse network conditions in a stateful manner enables a deeper, more thorough testing than available with other commercial and free solutions.

“IWL would like to see its patented technology widely implemented in a variety of products and solutions to enable higher quality user experiences across the Internet,” explained Chris Wellens, IWL President & CEO. “Effective, stateful, network simulation is an important cornerstone in achieving this goal. We look forward to working with manufacturers and end users to provide appropriate patent licenses.”

Contact info@iwl.com for more information on the Patent Licensing Program.

About IWL

IWL is a California company creating computer networking products. DevOps teams use IWL network emulators and protocol testers to test and deploy apps and devices in the cloud, the internet, and mobile networks. Our network emulator products mimic the types of conditions an app or device would encounter on a real-world network. Our protocol testing products test apps and devices for conformance and robustness to industry standards.

Contact info@iwl.com

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