Is Network Latency Affecting Your Business’ Cloud Performance?

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IDC reports that up to 50% of cloud customers have brought workloads back in house, due to network latency and performance issues, in the cloud. This is an expensive, cumbersome, and counterproductive measure that halts the progress of a company’s technology and growth.

In this article, Wayne Williams of BetaNews discusses how latency affects businesses, and what CIOs can do to address the challenge.

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How Does Network Latency Affect Cloud Applications?

Network latency interferes with a business’ deployment of cloud apps and cloud storage functions, in part due to roadblocks and delays associated with the efficiency of business applications reaching cloud-scale data centers.

Network latencies related to remote cloud storage and cloud-scale data centers have become even more problematic as enterprises attempt to increase their public cloud usage and work with high-performance business applications.

What Can Companies Do to Combat Network Latency Issues?

Some CIOs opt to focus on establishing a private data communication pathway as a network latency workaround. This physical solution usually entails running a private fiber-optic cable between the locations where data is transferred, so that the connection made is direct and solely dedicated to the company’s data needs.

Other businesses may opt for the following solutions when trying to remedy network latency issues:

  • Enhance and invest in network infrastructure
  • Reroute network traffic by leveraging cloud exchanges and network hubs in collocation sites
  • Rebuild and customize applications specifically for the cloud

The above options can be effective, but they require a significant financial investment and they aren’t guaranteed to solve the network latency problem. If the company chooses to go with one of the above solutions and it falls short of network requirements and performance expectations, the attempt at a solution can feel a lot like moving back in time.

How Can Network Emulation Help Companies Before They Migrate to the Cloud?

Organizations that want to get a better idea of how their network will perform in the cloud should consider evaluating their critical applications with a network emulation tool—before investing heavily in network infrastructure and other network improvement projects. A network emulation tool allows you to conduct a network latency test so you can learn how your critical applications will perform under a full range of network latency conditions.

Are you looking for a way to test your business’ critical apps and functionality before investing heavily in infrastructure improvements and app customization? To simulate network latency with a push-button, predefined, network latency scenario, please review our Library of Network Scenarios and contact us for a demo. For an overview, see how IWL's network emulators simulate network conditions right from the comfort of your own office.

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