IWL Quarterly Update: Winter 2016

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Welcome to the IWL Winter Update. Read on to see our latest news and events.

IWL's New KMAX Network Emulator – Test Your App in the Cloud

The new KMAX Network Emulator offers a library of network scenarios, a modern web interface, automated changes to network conditions over time, graphs, charts, and tables, and a highly sophisticated, highly customizable set of standard and advanced impairments.
IWL, developers of network emulators and protocol testers, announced the new KMAX network emulator. KMAX helps engineers test an app or device under adverse network conditions, in the lab, prior to deployment

KMAX offers a library of common network scenarios, so that engineers can get busy testing their app or device without the time consuming effort of creating a model. With the KMAX extensive library of network scenarios, engineers can simply point and click to test their app or device under a full range of network conditions in the lab, ranging from the routine to the extreme. Examples of network scenarios include: campus-wide VoIP, residential video, ATM protocol over a T1 link, bandwidth limitation used at the DARPA Robotics Finals, portable music stream, three types of satellite links, periodic link congestion, streaming to back up servers, and many more.

Alternatively, engineers can tweak or adjust each impairment to precisely emulate certain network conditions. For example, an engineer can test the effects of packet corruption, by specifying corrupt probability, whether or not to limit corruption to the Ethernet payload, whether or not to enable bursts. If bursts are enabled, the engineer may set the burst probability percentage and the burst window in seconds and optionally enable burst skew, and then decide whether or not to vary the burst probability manually, using a pulse model, using a burst probability over time, or varying burst probability over time using a list of value/duration.

A Help Wizard steps the engineer through the creation of an emulation, and online help is available throughout the KMAX application.

“I love how KMAX uses modern browsing technologies (HTML5, web sockets, RESTful API) to keep the web user interface alive and very reactive.”

–Tim Titus, CTO, Path Solutions

Engineers may set up an emulation to change the nature of impairments automatically over time — a very powerful alternative to the programming required by alternative products.

Charts, graphs, and tables permit inspection of the emulated network over a period of time and inspection of input and output flows in a variety of measurement units — from bits per second, bytes per second, packets per second, as well as total bits, total bytes and total packets.

The background image creation capability utilizes the Cisco network icon library, a popular tool for network engineers. Engineers may upload a background diagram showing a bird’s eye view of the entire network architecture to create an end-to-end diagram showing the network paths outside the KMAX server to display in the scenario. This scenario display helps junior engineers immediately grasp the emulation concept.

The KMAX Network Emulator is available now, starting at $3,495. For more information, visit: iwl.com/kmax

Contact: info@iwl.com to purchase.

New SilverCreek Release

SilverCreek Release: 2015 Beta Build 15.12.11 became available on December 11th, 2015. The newest release again shows why SilverCreek is the authoritative SNMP Test Suite. Not only does SilverCreek offer the most comprehensive tests, IWL's has a high level of dedication to customer support.

SilverCreek is backed by an excellent engineering team assigned to maintain and improve the software. Most SilverCreek releases included new tests and features often requested by those design, quality assurance, and test engineers who depend on SilverCreek. Build 15.12.11 is no exception and includes eight new tests and several enhancements.

Highlights Include:

  • Added two new SNMPv3 tests: test3.2.1.6 and test3.4.4.6 to check if authorizationError error status is returned properly when an unsupported secutiryLevel request is attempted to access the DUT.
  • Added three new tests: test1.1.11.18, test2.4.1.4 and test3.4.1.4 to check get and set requests with PDU size exceeds a predefined number of value (default to 1500 bytes).
  • Added three new tests: test1.1.16.4, test2.3.2.4 and test3.3.2.4 that sends get request to the DUT using an invalid, out-of-range integer type instance Ids.
  • Added support to ignore all writable objects in selected MIBs. The “Test | Fine-tune Testing Options” dialog now supports pattern matching like “MIB-NAME:, :*, in addition to objectName and MIB-NAME:objectName”.
  • Updated test2.6.2 and test3.6.2 now check if there are different sysORIDs listed in sysORTable than what is specified in the advanced configuration parameter ‘validSysORIDs’.

In addition to these highlights, there were several enhancements and critical bug fixes. Please upgrade to the latest release as soon as possible.

For more information on how to upgrade to the latest version of SilverCreek please email: info@iwl.com. If you are using an older version of SilverCreek and want information on how to renew support, please email: sales@iwl.com.

Did you know that IWL's is a WBENC certified company?

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled and operated by women in the United States. If your company has a supplier diversity initiative, then doing business with IWL helps meet your goals. Of course, IWL provides excellent products to optimize application and network performance, and that’s the key reason to do business with us. However, meeting your diversity goals is a wonderful side benefit. Let us know if you require a copy of our certificate.

Would you like to learn more about how your company can do business with a WBENC certified company such as IWL? Contact us today!

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PathSolutions was founded more than 10 years ago by Tim Titus, a self-described network geek who has managed networks and teams of all sizes for companies like Atmel Semiconductor, Computer Curriculum Corporation, and Decision Point Software

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