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IWL products were selected for the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals in Pomona, CA in June 2015.

DARPA announced in June 2014, that the DRC Finals would have a different structure than the Trials. In particular, Communications will be further degraded and intermittent forcing the robots to act more autonomously in completing their tasks. After reviewing the capabilities of all IWL’s Maxwell Network emulation products, the Maxwell Pro was chosen for its advanced programmatic capabilities. Custom software will enhance the capabilities and meet the unique testing needs for the DARPA challenge.

Read the full press release here.

SilverCreekMonitor 200x175

SilverCreek has added new Tests and Features in its latest release

SilverCreek is the Authoritative SNMP Test Suite — designed to test implementations of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP agents) and standard and private MIBs (Management Information Bases).

Release: 2015 Build 15.01.28 Date: 2015-01-28

This release features the following new additions:

  • 17 new tests (test16.2.x.x) in IP-FORWARD-MIB testsuite 16.0 to exercise row creation, deletion and transition of inetCidrRouteTable. These tests attempt to set columnar objects and index objects in inetCidrRouteTable using both valid and invalid values and check if they function properly.
  • 2 new SNMPv3 protocol tests (test3.3.1.5 and test3.4.4.5). These two tests verify that the agent under test discards the SNMP set and get requests containing invalid context names and without any catastrophic side effects.
  • Added support to install SilverCreek on Linux without having to rely on an X window GUI desktop. Now SilverCreek can be installed using ‘./install.sh -t’ from a text terminal directly.
  • Silvercreek can now use MIB files that are symbolic links. It can also detect if there are changes in the linked MIB files and recompile them automatically when necessary while starting up.
  • Memory Leak Tool now supports automatically monitoring the value of hrSWRunPerfMem to monitor the memory usage of SNMP agent/sever process under testing. The tool now also allows users to specify the number of times, or an unlimited number of times, or alternatively how long the testing should run.
  • The following commands snmptcl::getop, snmptcl::nextop and snmptcl::setop now accept an optional argument octetstringformat (0/1/2) to determine if the string value should be formatted based on its display-hint or not, or always returned as a hex string.
  • Added ‘timeout’ as an error status to expect in Tools | Tcl script generator tool. Customers can use this to verify if the device under test does not respond to unsupported operations.

    TLS Maxwell Pro has a new set of tests for the TLS Test Suite!

Inter Working Labs offers a TLS Test Suite to identify bugs, problems, and flaws in TLS implementation. We have now added five (5) new tests to address the POODLE vulnerability. The POODLE attack relies on negotiating a downgrade to SSLv3 and also on use of non-standard pad values in block ciphers, so the following tests were added per RFC requirements and security community suggestions:

  • Verify that a TLS server does not accept downgrade to SSLv3.
  • Verify that a TLS server does not accept zero padding in block ciphers.
  • Verify that a TLS client does not accept downgrade to SSLv3.
  • Verify that a TLS client does not accept zero padding in block ciphers.
  • Verify that a TLS client does not accept non-standard padding in block ciphers.

Have you downloaded the latest release for Maxwell Pro?

The current version: Maxwell Pro, rev. 2014g – Is ready for download.

Perform an YUM update to get the latest release. Start a console window or xterm and type the following:

yum update “maxwell*”

The latest version of SilverCreek is available via download from the web support site support.iwl.com.

Emulating-3G-4G-Networks thumbRead Our New White Paper “Emulating 3G/4G Networks”

Today, more than ever, applications need to be prepared to run over mobile infrastructure. Of course we expect mobile apps to run over 3G/4G networks, but mobile networks are also used by laptops and tablets to access websites and traditional PC applications. All applications need to be mobile ready.

Why does this matter? Mobile networks have inherently different characteristics than traditional wired networks, and these traits can significantly impact the way applications perform. Developers need to test applications for mobile compatibility to ensure that the end-user experience will not suffer in a mobile environment. Read the full White Paper here.

Featured New Clients:

ACCESS is a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile and beyond-PC markets. As a mobile Internet pioneer, ACCESS has helped to develop and deliver technologies that have brought the Internet to a new generation of mobile devices and consumers. For more information please visit access-company.com

Smiths Power, Power Distribution, Inc.
Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI) is an innovator in technology solutions to power quality issues with several patented technologies. PDI has continually advanced products in response to changing customer needs whether it’s power distribution, regulation, harmonic cancellation, switching or systems monitoring. For more information please visit smithspower.com

Tyco Security Products
Tyco Security Products and it’s portfolio of brands form one of the largest security portfolios in the world. Engineers specializing in Video Security, Access Control, Location Based Security and Intrusion Security provide Tyco Security Products a competitive advantage when it comes to system integration. For more information please visit tycosecurityproducts.com

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