IWL Quarterly Update: Summer 2014

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Do you know how SilverCreek compares against other SNMP Agent Test Tools?

Find out what the expert learned using five of the available SNMP agent test tools. Not all of them found bugs! One reported false positives!

compare snmp tools

Read our Latest Case Studies

Case Study: iBASEt Uses Mini Maxwell to Identify and Mitigate Software Performance Issues

Developers always work in a high performance LAN environment, so before release, they have a challenge insuring that thier software delivers acceptable performance over the full range of customer environments. See how iBASEt used Mini Maxwell to improve app performance in high latency networks. Read More

Case Study: Using Maxwell Pro to Test the TCP, IPv4, and IPv6 Implementation in CeroWrt

Before a recent release CeroWrt used the Maxwell Pro TCP/IP Test Suite to test their TCP stack. They thought they were ready, but Maxwell Pro found more bugs than they had anticipated, including 1 crash bug! Read More

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Testing the Autonomous Car

Gnu TLS Cryptographic Bug


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  • GE Energy Management
  • Inventec

Maxwell Pro

  • Freescale Semiconductor
  • General Dynamics C4 Systems

Mini Maxwell

  • cellXion
  • Netria

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IETF 90 – 20 Jul 2014 – Toronto ON

NANOG – 6 Oct 2014 – Baltimore, MD

RIPE 69 – 3 Nov 2014 – London UK

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Latest HOTI Interview

Phil Karn describes his contribution to the effort to reboot the 1978 International Sun/Earth Explorer-3. The #ISEE-3 is also know as the International Cometary Explorer. Watch the video here.

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