IWL Quarterly Update: Fall 2014

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Revision 19 of Mini Maxwell and Maxwell G is now in BETA

New packet filters have been added to Mini Maxwell and Maxwell G:

  • Some of these new filters are intended to be used as prototypes for user-created filters to match IPv4 packets with given source and/or destination addresses.
  • Other new filters are intended to make it easier for users to use Mini Maxwell across two untagged VLANs when there is a badly designed VLAN switch that improperly emits spanning tree packets onto different VLANs with the same source MAC address. These new filters may be used to send these spanning tree packets into a band with 1000% drop and thus avoid the switch confusing itself.

Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Finally, some of our clients use Mini Maxwell and Maxwell G in production environments as part of the IT infrastructure, rather than a test lab. While Mini Maxwell and Maxwell G do not use “Bash”, out of an abundance of caution for this subset of clients, this update contains the published fixes for the ShellShock issue.

Are you starting to plan your 2015 budget?

Are you looking for a testing solution to purchase with leftover budget from this year?

The following articles will demonstrate how our solutions can meet budget constraints, while also fulfilling your testing requirements.

Maxwell has a solution for any budget

Are you running into budget constraints when it comes to network testing? Do you have specific requirements for testing? The Maxwell family of network emulators and protocol testers lets you chose the best fit for your requirements. (See the comparison chart.)

Read more about Network Emulation with Maxwell here.

When it comes to SNMP Testing, real testing yields real results!

Finding bugs before a product gets in the hands of the customer saves both soft and hard costs. Product failures erode customer confidence as well as cost up to thirty-times more to fix in the field. Finding and fixing just one additional bug before a product ships could pay for the additional cost of using a premium tool like SilverCreek.

Find out what the expert learned using five of the available SNMP agent test tools. Not all of them found bugs! One reported false positives!

Check out our latest Case Studies:

Aether Cone Thinking Music Player

Using Maxwell Pro, new consumer electronics firm, Aether Things, characterizes and defines product performance and cuts development and technical support time by 80%. Read the full case study here.

New England Game Developer Provides Smooth Gameplay Despite Slow Networks

By using IWL's Maxwell Network Emulator for pre-deployment testing, the New England Developer could tune its netcode to compensate for poor network performance and deliver smooth gameplay for its fans.
Read the full case study here.

FREE SNMP Simulator from Gambit Communications

Gambit is happy to provide you a free copy of our enterprise class MIMIC SNMP Simulator Single license. You will be able to simulate one SNMP agent with all the features of the full version of MIMIC, including MIB Compiler, device/network recorder, trap generation, Wizards and Simulator.

We hope you don’t have to depend on other limited featured or open sourced simulators anymore.

Feel free to fill out the form to download a copy –

MIMIC Simulator free download is available till end of the year 2014. This is only available for new users of MIMIC only.

Any questions, contact sales@gambitcomm.com
Gambit Website

The HOTI Project has completed new interviews!

The IWL team has recently finished some new interviews and will be publishing them soon!

Interview with Dave Farber

Just to remind you, IWL is producing the HOTI Project (pronounced “hottie”). HOTI, or the History of the Internet, a film project that tells the story of how the Internet evolved. HOTI is a collection of five minute videos with each video capturing one important idea. Most five minute segments contain an interview with a key individual who made a technical contribution to the evolution of the Internet. See More about HOTI here.

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